Digital Transformation:
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Crespo Doors sought to leverage the digital realm not just as a presence, but as a powerful tool for conversion and revenue generation. The aim was twofold: to modernize their online presence through a new website and engaging video content, and to capitalize on the vast audience on Facebook and Instagram for lead generation.


In today's market, having a digital presence is imperative. A fresh, user-friendly website acts as the storefront, but engaging video content serves as the brand storyteller. Coupled with the vast audience on social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, the potential for lead generation is exponential, especially when paired with precise targeting.


Web Transformation: A new, responsive website was designed keeping in mind the modern user experience and Crespo Doors' brand ethos.

Video Storytelling: Custom video content was developed to convey the brand's legacy, craftsmanship, and value proposition in an engaging manner.

Social Media Blitz: Strategic Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns were designed, focusing on Crespo Doors' unique selling points and targeting demographics that would most likely convert.


The results spoke volumes about the power of a well-strategized digital transformation. With an investment of just $900 monthly on ad spend, Crespo Doors saw a return that amounted to over $75,000 in new project leads in the first month alone.

Not only does this validate the effectiveness of the digital strategies implemented, but it also underscores the importance of quality content, precision targeting, and the unmatched potential of social media platforms for B2C businesses.

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