Goutru's Digital Leap in the
Security Solutions Space


Goutru, a leading provider of hardware security solutions and software tailored for neighborhoods, condos, and offices, sought to elevate its market presence. Their ambition: to effectively reach and engage property managers, real estate developers, and other potential clients through a robust digital advertising campaign.


While Goutru had solidified its reputation as a dependable security solution provider, the dynamic digital marketplace presented an untapped potential. Recognizing that their target audience – especially property managers and real estate developers – often sourced solutions online, a strategic digital campaign was crucial.


Google Ads: With precision targeting, we launched campaigns on Google Ads, focusing on keywords and phrases that resonated with the needs and searches of property managers and real estate developers.

Facebook Ads: Leveraging Facebook's vast user base, we tailored ads that showcased Goutru's cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, highlighting their efficacy and reliability.

Audience Segmentation: To maximize ad effectiveness, we segmented our audience based on their roles, locations, and past online behaviors, ensuring that our campaigns reached the eyes of those who'd benefit most from Goutru's offerings.

Engaging Content: Recognizing the importance of not just reaching but also captivating our audience, we crafted compelling ad copy and visuals that communicated Goutru’s value proposition succinctly.


Goutru's visibility surged among property managers and real estate developers, establishing them as a top-of-mind security solution provider in the digital realm.

The precisely-targeted Google and Facebook ad campaigns resulted in a significant uptick in inquiries and engagement from prospective clientele. Audience segmentation ensured optimal return on advertising spend, directing ads to those most likely to convert into customers.

The engaging content not only heightened brand awareness but also effectively communicated the superior quality and reliability of Goutru’s offerings.

Our collaborative venture successfully bridged Goutru with their potential market, showcasing the power of a well-orchestrated digital advertising campaign in connecting solutions with needs.

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