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Casa D'Angelo, an esteemed Italian restaurant group with a commanding presence in South Florida and a standout location in Aspen, Colorado, aimed to amplify its digital footprint. They aspired to seamlessly integrate their renowned experience with a digital interface, augmenting brand recognition and online interactions for their clientele.


Although Casa D'Angelo had established themselves as a culinary frontrunner in South Florida with an expansion into Aspen, there was a noticeable gap in their digital outreach. The modern customer, enthused by convenience and inspired by online visuals, was an audience waiting to be tapped into.


Brand Identity: In close collaboration with Casa D'Angelo, we sculpted a refined digital brand identity, capturing the essence of their exquisite dining spaces and mouthwatering cuisine.

Online Reservation & Event Inquiry: We developed an intuitive reservation system, simplifying the booking process for regular diners and those seeking to host large events..

Content Creation: With a keen eye for detail, we crafted content that showcased their diverse menus and the ambiance of their restaurants, ensuring that potential patrons could virtually taste and feel the Casa D'Angelo experience..

Digital Ad Campaigns: We initiated meticulously tailored campaigns, spotlighting special events and promotions, consequently stirring interest and attracting both new and returning customers.


Casa D'Angelo's digital brand identity resonated with patrons, mirroring the elegance and allure of their physical locations.

The streamlined online reservation system saw an influx of over 500 reservations in a mere 4 months. Through our content efforts, potential patrons were offered a tantalizing glimpse into Casa D'Angelo's offerings, resulting in heightened interest and engagement.

The digital ad campaigns not only increased brand visibility but also translated into tangible footfalls, significantly boosting restaurant visits.

With our combined endeavors, Casa D'Angelo's culinary magic was effectively extended to the digital realm, reaffirming their status as a premier Italian dining destination.

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